Coleture co-founded the New Balance Fitness Challenge in 2013, which brings together a performance apparel leader and dozens of professional athletes for one common cause; to give back to the communities in which they serve.

The annual, international tour that is created, managed, promoted, and brought to life by Coleture, is a single-day fitness event taking place across the US and Canada, designed to promote fitness, strength, and flexibility. Coleture manages the inclusion, content development, and digital marketing/promotions for all Team NB athletes taking part in the tour.

New Balance wanted a simplistic approach to relay pertinent information and confirm professional athletes’  appearances. Coleture developed a form that included an easy “I’m In!” prompt, specific athlete run-of-shows, transportation schedules, scripts, brand guidelines on what to wear and what to share on social media platforms, and other important information regarding the New Balance Fitness Challenge.